MSP Welcomes Nuclear Waste Reprieve for Dumfriesshire


South Scotland MSP Joan McAlpine has welcomed news that Chapelcross near Annan is no longer under threat of being turned into a nuclear waste storage site.  Ms McAlpine had opposed the plans after Chapelcross appeared on a Ministry of Defence (MoD) shortlist for nuclear dumping.  The MSP responded to last year’s public consultation by outlining her concerns that a nuclear dump would pose a serious threat to sustainable jobs and community safety in Dumfriesshire.


Commenting, Ms McAlpine said:
“I’m very pleased that Chapelcross has been ruled out for nuclear waste storage.


“In my response to the consultation I argued that the UK Government’s plans to dump waste at Chapelcross would jeopardise existing plans for a more positive sustainable future to be built on the former nuclear site.


“I also pointed out that transporting radioactive material is one of the nuclear industry’s riskiest activities.  Given the number of minor roads leading to the site, the potential risks to community safety would have been very serious.


“And it was obvious from my discussions with constituents in Dumfriesshire that Chapelcross was not an acceptable option.


“That’s why I’m pleased the local community engaged so effectively with the public consultation.  The decision really demonstrates the strength of local opinion – I’m delighted my constituents’ voices have been heard.”


The Chapelcross site hosted Scotland’s first commercial nuclear station but ceased generation in 2004.

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