Group Formed To Address Dangers Of Old Interfloor Factory – Dumfries

A Multi Agency group as part of Dumfries and Galloway’s Local Resilience Partnership, has been formed to address health and safety risks to the public at the former Interfloor site at Heathhall.

Scottish Fire and Rescue, Police Scotland and Dumfries and Galloway Council would like to remind the public, and our young people in particular, about the dangers of entering ANY derelict buildings.

Public safety is of our first priority and we would re-iterate that the public should stay clear of these buildings and the surrounding area.

Parents are asked to re-inforce this message to their children. Know where your children are and inform them of the dangers of playing on such sites.

We are currently in consultation with the owners of the Interfloor site regarding security and the clean-up process, but would ask the public to avoid the site at this time whilst we monitor the situation.

SFRS Dumfries and Galloway Group Manager David Broughton said: “We are always concerned about the possibility of anyone accessing any empty premises. From experience, we know that derelict and empty buildings can become a target for malicious fires.

“In such cases, we will always take a preventative approach by working with the owners and other local partners to secure such sites and raise awareness of the risks.

“We also seek to educate young people about the dangers of setting fires, both for themselves and other members of the public.

“Additionally, the danger of injury due to the environmental risks within such properties is a real concern. Unstable footing, broken glass and other hazards materials are often prevalent.

“Such activity is not only reckless and dangerous, but can divert SFRS resources away from genuine emergencies. However, through robust and flexible strategic planning, our crews are always ready to respond to any incident to keep our communities safe.”

If anyone sees anything suspicious or people entering the site, please phone Police Scotland on 101.