Oliver Mundell MSP Highlights A76 Issues at First Ministers Questions


Nithsdale MSP Oliver Mundell has challenged First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to provide detail on when the A76 will be fully operational again at First Ministers Questions.

 However, he was left disappointed by her refusal to give any commitment to solve the problem of temporary traffic lights which have blighted the route over the last few years.

 Mr Mundell’s challenge came in the week after he revealed that temporary traffic lights had been operated an astonishing 723 times on the vital trunk route between 2014-2016.

 Revealing those figures to the First Minister, Mr Mundell asked Nicola Sturgeon if she agreed that this was unacceptable and what action the Scottish Government would be taking to take the route back up to standard.

 Responding the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon said: “Of course we like to avoid the situation of temporary traffic lights where they can be avoided but in some situations where we have had roadworks, landslips or adverse weather, then that is unavoidable.
“I would be happy to come back to the member particularly on the detail of the amount of times temporary traffic lights have been used and we want to keep that to a minimum. 
“Sometimes repair works are unavoidable in order to ensure a necessary and effective road system across our country.”

 Mr Mundell was unimpressed with there still being no firm commitment from the Scottish Government over when the route will be fully repaired.

 “Motorists on this route have been left blighted by the astonishing amount of traffic lights yet we still don’t have any answers from Nicola Sturgeon over what the Scottish Government are going to do about it.
 “The A76 is a vital trunk road for the economy of Upper Nithsdale and it is completely unacceptable that the Scottish Government still don’t have a plan to get this road back up to an acceptable standard.
 “I was disappointed the First Minister side stepped my question and I will be continuing to push her to outline a clear timescale when works on the A76 will finally be completed.”

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