Oliver Mundell urges Dumfriesshire Residents to get Involved in Social Security Consultation

Dumfriesshire MSP Oliver Mundell is urging locals to get involved in a consultation which will shape the future of Scotland’s social security system.

The Scottish Government have launched a consultation entitled “A New Future for Social Security- Consultation on Social Security in Scotland” and Mr Mundell wants Dumfriesshire residents to help shape the upcoming Social Security Bill in the Parliament.

Commenting Oliver Mundell MSP said: “This is one of the most important consultations that the Scottish Government has ever carried out and I’d urge people across Dumfriesshire to make their views known.

“The powers that have been transferred to the Scottish Parliament by the UK Government will mean that for the first time social security legislation can be passed at Holyrood.

“By making their views known, people in this region can help to shape policies on important benefits that can help improve their lives on a day to day basis such as tax credits, universal credit and child benefit whilst the Scottish Parliament will also have the power to create new benefits if they wish to do so.

“These new powers will mean the Scottish Parliament is a truly powerhouse parliament with the ability to affect the lives of the Scottish people on a day to day basis but it is vital that policies are not just shaped by politicians, but also by the very people who will be receiving these benefits.

“I have been fully supportive of welfare powers being transferred to Holyrood and I look forward to working together with the Scottish Government to bring forward a Social Security Bill that meets the needs of communities and individuals across Scotland, including in Dumfriesshire.”

The consultation runs until Friday October 28 and people can share their views via the Scottish Government website by visiting http://www.gov.scot/Publications/2016/07/9955

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