Police Scotland Start “Operation Thera” To Focus On Anti-Social Behaviour & Violence

Police Scotland officers across Dumfries and Galloway were out in force on the evening of Friday 14 October 2016 as Operation Thera started in the Division. “Operation Thera will focus on disorder, anti-social behaviour and violence in communities across the region in the coming weeks and months” explains Local Policing Commander Chief Superintendent Gary Ritchie.

“The operation will concentrate our resources in areas where disorder has been increasing. At this time of year where we have darker evenings and events such as Halloween, bonfire night and the run up to the festive period we often see a spike in antisocial behaviour and, unfortunately, violence, so we want to address that before it happens.

“There will be high visibility patrols and also plain clothes patrols in areas and at the times and days where the problems are most prevalent. We want to reassure our communities that we’re dealing with this and also get a message to those who would seem bent on engaging in violence or antisocial behaviour of any kind that it won’t be tolerated, we will be close by and you will get caught. As always, we ask our communities to work with us to identify problem areas and allow us the opportunity to get in and make a difference.”

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