Scotrail Peak Fares Removal Pilot Dates Confirmed

The Scottish Government has confirmed that the ScotRail Peak Fares Removal Pilot will operate between 2 October 2023 and 29 March 2024

In an update to Parliament, the Minister confirmed dates for the pilot which forms a key part of the transport commitments in its recently published Programme for Government.
During the pilot, all off-peak fares and products that are set and controlled by ScotRail will be valid for travel all day.

Ms Hyslop said
“The Programme for Government makes clear our commitment to encourage a shift towards sustainable transport. We know that there is much to be done in encouraging people back to rail if we are to achieve our net zero targets.
“This peak fare removal pilot is aimed at achieving this by making ticketing simpler with off-peak fares valid all day. This is an exciting and unique opportunity to encourage more people to choose a safe, reliable, and greener form of public transport.”
Alex Hynes, Scotland’s Railway Managing Director, said:
“This is a hugely exciting opportunity for Scotland’s Railway to encourage more people across the country to choose rail travel instead of using the car.
“Everyone at ScotRail is working hard to make sure that this six-month trial will be a success, and we will be monitoring our services and stations daily to see where we have any significant increases in customer journeys.
“We know that cost and simplicity is a critical factor for people when they choose how to travel, and we are looking forward to delivering this fantastic fare reduction for our customers.”
This pilot will come as welcome news for families as the October school holidays approach. Together with the ScotRail ‘Kids for a Quid’ offer, there will be significant savings available for day trips.
The Scottish Government will carefully consider the impact of the pilot and the long-term sustainability of such a proposition before committing to any reinstatement of the pilot after 29 March 2024.

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