Penninghame Primary School pupils celebrated the achievements of their parents, volunteers and community partners at an assembly last week.

Pupils thanked many of the adults that contribute to the school’s Wider Experiences programme. Each Friday Penninghame Primary have a Wider Experiences session where children take part in a chosen activity and learn a new skill. These activities are delivered by teachers and a variety of people and organisations within the community.

The programme provides children with wider experiences and encourages them to try new activities, which is an integral part of the Curriculum for Excellence. This also helps to provide children with a broad range of skills which will help them in everyday life now and in the future. Penninghame Primary school sees community organisations and volunteers as a central part of the programme and is always keen to invite new people into the school.

Pupils thanked all the adults who have been involved and presented them with a certificate. Chair of Education committee, Jeff Leaver, said of the programme:

“The work of volunteers within the Wider Experience programme and in the broader context is something that should be recognised. The good work our Council does would be much less effective if it was not for the superb work that volunteers carry out. I would like to add my thanks to these volunteers for the work they do. Programmes like Wider Experiences allow our Council to deliver on our priorities, namely giving each child the best possible start in life.”