Pensioner Rescued by Coastguard & RNLI after Falling from Rocks near Kirkbean

Silloth RNLI lifeboat attended a request for help from the Coastguard to a 72 year old casualty who had fallen on the rocks at McCullochs Castle near Kirkbean in Southwest Scotland today Tuesday, 27th of July.
The tide was coming in and the casualty needed to be moved off the rocks quickly. The ambulance could not get close to the rocks and it was decided that Silloth RNLI lifeboat should take the casualty round the coast where there was better access for the ambulance. The casualty, who could not be moved unless on a stretcher due to a suspected broken hip, was transferred onto the lifeboat along with a paramedic from the Scottish ambulance service and taken to Powillimount beach where they were met by an ambulance and coastguards from Portling.
Silloth RNLI lifeboat was stood down and returned to station.
Photo of casualty arriving at Powillimount beach where paramedics and Portling coastguard were waiting

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