Have You Seen This ‘Peter Rabbit Toy’ Near Dumfries Fun Fair Today?

Two and a Half year old Callen Dickson is very upset this evening, he has lost his Peter Rabbit toy when he was at the fair at Whitesands in Dumfries this afternoon. ( March 25th 2017 )

Callens Mum Charlotte Dickson Contacted DGWGO this evening in an appeal to anyone who may of seen or found her sons beloved Peter Rabbit.

Charlotte said “As most people would understand this is very precious to Callen and he is lost without him, we think it was possibly lost as we were crossing the road to the car park opposite the New Bazaar pub on the Whitesands, if everyone could share this it would much appreciated, many Thanks. “

If you spot the toy or find it anywhere you can contact Charlotte on 01387 770382 & 07714203812

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