Picture Perfect – Photographers Select Their Top Spring Fling Images


Five high-quality photographers have revealed some of their favourite pictures ahead of this year’s Spring Fling.

They are among 94 participants artists, makers and designers who have been specially selected for Scotland’s premier open studios visual art and craft event, which takes place across Dumfries and Galloway from 28 to 30 May.

Clare Hanna, Director (maternity cover) for Upland which organises Spring Fling, said: “The photography is one of the real highlights for some of our visitors, both because of its quality and diversity.

“This year five photographers were selected – each has a remarkable capacity to capture other lives and other worlds but all have their own highly distinctive interests and styles.

“Asking them to share some of their favourite images has been a fascinating insight. And one of the wonderful things about Spring Fling is that visitors can not only see the work but meet and talk to each of them about their lives, techniques and inspirations.”

Each was asked to select a couple of their favourite images – these are free to use. The details are:


Florencia García Chafuén

Studio: Auchenstroan, Moniaive

Florencia is a multi-disciplinary artist with a strong interest in photography whose work is powerfully influenced by photo journalism and who loves to explore ideas of nostalgia and of the contrast between urban and rural life. Some of her work is from Scotland and some from her home city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1) Impact and entanglements: Plastic and general waste – an image of our times.

2) Tango: The energy and passion of dance at is most complete.


Phil McMenemy,

Studio: The Gallery at Lauriestone, Lauriestone, Castle Douglas

One of the intriguing things about Phil is that he is noted for his vivid use of colour, despite being colour blind, while some of our other photographers are known for their use of black and white.

1) Storm Tree, a special tree an image whish was seven years in the making. Sometimes some things are well worth waiting for.

2) Galloway has a fantastic coastline of sandy bays, rugged coves and places to feel its history.


Laura Hudson Mackay

Studio: Abbots Tower, New Abbey 

Inspired by travel, Celtic and Arabian lore, many of Laura’s images evoke ideas about portals into other realms where past, present and future merge.

1) Visions of Time 3, Marrakech, Morocco

2) Visions of Time 19, Northumberland, UK


Barry Young

Studio: Cut the Mustard Gallery, Langholm

A landscape photographer with a deep love and knowledge of Dumfries and Galloway.

1) Down in the Woods: A disused game store taken last year in woods outside Langholm.  This is special as it evokes childhood memories of fairy tales and adventures in the woods.

2) The Shepherd: Ross Bell, his sheepdogs and daughter Poppy, taken in 2014 at their farm near Langholm.  Part of my Rural Portraits project, I especially like this image as it highlights three of his roles in life – master – farmer – father.


Michal Šúr

Studio: Castle Douglas Art Gallery, Castle Douglas

A specialist in infra-red photography, whose inspiration comes from nature. Michal uses long exposures to enhance the contrast between still and moving objects.

1) Flooded Willow and Rock: digital infrared photograph, made in 2014 at Loch Lomond. This image is from my project ‘Trees’ that I am currently working on. This image portrays the adaptability in nature. Ability of trees to take root and survive frequent flooding (in this case).

2) Castle Stalker: digital infrared photograph, made in 2015 in Argyll on an incredibly misty day. Thanks to the mist you are not able to see the hills in the background. Contributing to the simplicity of the image.


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