Police Issue Warning Of ATM Fraud – Thornhill

DUMFRIES AND POLICE DIVISION have issued a warning on their Facebook page about an ATM scam that has occured recently in Thornhill.

A police spokesperson said “At about 9.25 pm on Thursday 5th March, a woman went to the Bank of Scotland ATM on Drumlanrig Street, Thornhill.
After selecting to withdraw money from her account, the card failed to return and no cash was dispensed.
The woman initially thought her card had been retained due to a technical problem.
On closer inspection she noticed her card and saw it was stuck.
On trying to remove it she discovered a 2 inch plastic and metal piece of equipment, with one side being of an adhesive nature, attached to the ATM.
As soon as this was removed, the woman’s card and cash was dispensed as normal.
This device was designed by someone and placed there to block any cards and cash being ejected in the hope the user would walk away believing their card had been retained by the ATM, allowing the criminal to then attend, remove the obstruction and gain the user’s card and cash.
Please be aware and check ATM’s before use.
If you witness any suspicious activity of a person at a cash line, please phone Police Scotland on 101.”

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