Police Issue Warning To Caravan Owners After Rise In Thefts

There’s been a rise in the number of caravan thefts in Dumfries and Galloway recently and Police Scotland ask you to be extra vigilant and to report any suspicious behaviour or vehicles.

Police Scotland  urge caravan owners to review any security measures they have in place and to take steps to reduce the chances of becoming a victim.

Some security measures could include:-
Many different types of caravan alarm are available
*Tracking and registration systems*
Tracking systems enable a vehicle to be located after it has been stolen.
*Stolen vehicle databases*

Since 1992, all touring caravans manufactured by National Caravan Council (NCC) members have been marked on their chassis and on all windows with their unique 17 digit Vehicle Identification Number and these are recorded on the CRiS database.
Additionally, all new caravans manufactured by NCC members since August 1997 are electronically tagged during manufacture for added security.

*Wheel Clamps*
A variety of wheel clamps are available on the market, but not all are sufficiently robust to withstand sustained attack. Look for approval markings by organisations such as Sold Secure.

Arrange to have your vehicle’s registration number etched onto all glass services – including the headlamps. You can also use the last 7 digits of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), or some other unique identifying number linked to a recognised database.
Protect your property from thieves.