‘Haenow’ The Police Praise ‘Example’ Set At Youth Beatz Dumfries

The sun shone down on a capacity crowd of 12,000 people at Scotland’s Biggest Free Music Festival’ Youth Beatz’ held in Dock Park, Dumfries on Saturday the 12th of August, which was headlined by 2014 X-Factor winner ‘Ben Haenow’ and rapper, singer, songwriter ‘Example’ with ‘DJ Wire’. 

Although Police did report one incident at the festival, they praised the thousands of attendees, orgainsers and volunteers for making the event a huge success

Ben Haenow Performing at Youth Beatz 2017
Inspector Gordon McKnight from Police Scotland, said “Yet again, Youth Beatz has been another successful and well run event which saw thousands of young people come to Dock Park. Our Police Officers and Police Scotland Youth Volunteers worked along with other partners at the event which, with the exception of one incident, the event was trouble free. Considering the number of people that come together for the gig, this is a fantastic achievement. A huge number of parents said to our officers how good the day was and that it was nice to see all the young people behaving and enjoying themselves.”
Mark Molloy, the Council’s Young People Manager, said “The amount of organisation, planning and co-ordination to deliver Youth Beatz is huge, so it is really rewarding to see the event go so well. I have spoken to all the agencies involved in delivering the event and received very positive feedback on how well organised and safe the event was which was evident from the number of families all out enjoying themselves. I have spoken to all the safety groups at Youth Beatz and no safety incidents were reported at the weekend. For an event that brings 12,000 people together, creating a safe and fun atmosphere for everyone is important. I am pleased that this has been achieved so that families will return again next year.”

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