Today 25/2/14    Police Scotland launch a Stay Safe Online campaign for children. The campaign is to help children, parents, teachers and carers improve their knowledge on how to keep children safe when they are online.

Top tips for staying safe on the internet for 9-12 year olds:
•Tip 1 – Keep your phone, laptops or tablet secure – use a password or PIN.
•Tip 2 – Don’t do anything online that you wouldn’t do face to face”
•Tip 3 – Learn what is ok to post and share on the internet. Comments, photos and videos you post or share are always recorded even if you delete it so it could be seen by someone in the future.
•Tip 4 – Don’t talk to strangers or make friends with strangers on social media – you never know who they really are
•Tip 5 – Never feel forced to do anything you don’t want to do
•Tip 6 – Block people who send nasty messages and tell someone about it
•Tip 7 – Also don’t send or make nasty comments about someone else online
•Tip 8 – Don’t open links and attachments from people you don’t know
•Tip 9 – Never arrange to meet someone you have on the internet
•Tip 10 – Tell an adult or someone you trust – like a friend – if you feel frightened or worried about what’s happening to you online. There is always someone who can help you.
More safety tips can be found on link below:


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