Police Scotland To Provide Improved Identification For Officers & Staff

Police officers and staff in Scotland are being provided with improved and updated identification.

The new warrant and authorisation cards include additional security features which make them more difficult to replicate.

Officers and staff are also being encouraged to provide a clear, up to date, photograph for use on the cards and, where images are over 10 years old, a new image is required.

Deputy Chief Constable Fiona Taylor said: “The provision of new warrant and authorisation cards is an important opportunity to ensure identification includes clear, up to date, images of officers and staff.
“The new identification also includes enhanced security features which makes it harder to replicate.
“Officers work all across Scotland, every minute of every day to help people and will approach any member of the public who appears distressed or vulnerable, to offer support and assistance.
“The onus is on policing to build and maintain the public confidence and consent critical to our legitimacy and our ability to keep our communities and citizens safe.
“Officers will always carry identification and will be happy to provide further reassurance about who they are and their reason for speaking with someone if requested, including through the new verification process introduced on 2 October.”

The new warrant and authorisation cards feature the Police Scotland logo, a hologram and the signature of Chief Constable Iain Livingstone.

The cards have been developed over a number of months and will be rolled-out in the coming weeks.

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