Police Scotland is warning commercial businesses, including shops and supermarkets across Dumfries and Galloway to be on their guard in relation to the potential for a break-in to their premises. This follows a break-in to the Cooperative Store in Annan in the early hours of Monday 23 June 2014. Around 0220 hours a number of men have broken into the shop and made off with between £10,000 and £15,000 worth of cigarettes. It appears that cigarettes were the target in the break in, which happened in a few short minutes, despite the building being fully alarmed.

In a similar type break-in at the Cooperative store in Douglas in Lanarkshire, a few hours later, cigarettes were again the target for the thieves.

Detective Sergeant Dean Little says “Enquiries are ongoing into this, and other break-ins across the region over the past few weeks. It appears that the Cooperative Store in Annan was targeted for the stock of cigarettes and we are working with colleagues in Police Scotland in other areas, who are investigating similar crimes over the past few weeks.

“At this time we would encourage the public to stay vigilant and to report anything suspicious, seen or heard, at the time, which would allow officers to attend promptly to check the matter out. Businesses are encouraged to check on their security arrangements for their property and should they require advice, then they should call Police Scotland on 101 and ask to speak to their local crime reduction officer. A free visit and survey can be arranged in order to address any security concerns anyone has.”

Detective Sergeant Little went on to “thank the public for their continued support in this matter where already important information has been given to police which is greatly assisting in these investigations. Without the help of the public the police are unlikely to be able to put a stop to these break-ins alone, and we are grateful for any snippet of information which might help us solve there crimes, and prevent future ones happening. We do live in one of the safest parts of Scotland and our aim is to keep it that way, and we ask the public to work with us to keep it so, and help keep themselves safe.”

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