Progress Made On Dumfries And Galloway Community And Customer Services Budget

Dumfries and Galloway Council’s Community and Customer Services (CCS) Committee will meet on 3 September and will discuss a report on the progress and savings which are being achieved through new efficiencies and working practices within this department.

The report states that in addition to other budget savings of just over £1 million, CCS have delivered £906k of savings through reductions in management and staffing over the last three financial years. These measures are through the result of in service re-design, staffing reductions, and new innovative ways of working, which has resulted in the empowerment of communities, enabling them to manage their own community facilities.

A range of cumulative savings totalling £634k are projected through the Community Facilities Review, with the lease or transfer of 55 facilities either completed or in progress.

The department is currently pursuing a range of measures and, although a projected overspend of 1% of the total Community and Customer Services budget is projected (£296k), this amount relates to proposed savings of £162k, which have yet to be fully achieved due to delays in condition surveys and subsequent capital works.

An additional shortfall in proposed savings of hj£134k has been exacerbated by a decline in income, particularly within Leisure and Sport over a number of years. This is being addressed through a review of service provision through evidence of need and demand and a reiteration to all budget holders of the need to ensure effective control of costs. These issues will be subject of a report at a future meeting of this committee.

Councillor Tom McAughtrie, who is Chairman of the Community and Customer Services Committee, said of the report;
“The report demonstrates that our Community and Customer Services department is fully committed to and continues to be responsive to the needs of customers and communities despite operating in a challenging financial climate.”

A full breakdown can be found in the committee report at;

An updated report will be presented to the CCS committee in October.

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