Region Set To Celebrate Ukrainian Independence Day – 24th August

Wednesday 24 August marks Ukrainian Independence Day, normally celebrated with national food, costume and dancing.

It will however very different this year, and so local partners in the Dumfries and Galloway Community Planning Partnership are showing their support in a number of different ways.
Ukrainian flags will be flown on civic buildings in Annan, Dumfries, Kirkcudbright and Stranraer and the Council Offices will be lit blue and yellow.

Messages will be shared on social media, and we are suggesting that local citizens and Guests could make their own blue and yellow Ukrainian flag and perhaps display it in their windows to show their support.

Local hotels, private hosts/sponsors and Guests are all planning to make Ukrainian dishes. The new Ukrainian café at the Crichton will also be open for anyone to come and enjoy their menu of British and Ukrainian dishes.
Co-Chairs of the Community Planning Partnership Board which leads the region’s response commented:

Councillor Stephen Thompson said: “The response from local people and the Scottish Government has been amazing and demonstrates the compassion that our country has for people facing a humanitarian crisis. Over 250 private hosts and sponsors in our region have offered accommodation, and we know that guests who have already arrived here have experienced a warm welcome and are enjoying Dumfries and Galloway with all it has to offer.”
Councillor Lind Dorward commented: “We are expecting to have over 600 Ukrainian Guests living in this area for some time – from Stranraer to Langholm and Kirkconnel to Gretna – we have been extremely impressed by their determination to seek employment, improve their English, integrate and positively impact on our communities. We look forward to their ongoing positive contribution to our schools, businesses and communities, which promotes this regions commitment to inclusiveness and will assist our economy to thrive .”
Nick Morris, Chair of NHS D&G and Vice-Chair of the Community Planning Partnership added: “Over 20 partners have all come together to make the Guests feel welcome and support the private hosts/sponsors. Different agencies have brought their professional skills into play and a whole team of volunteers are ensuring that the arrival of the Guests and their health and wellbeing is as good as it can be, despite difficult circumstances. Partnership working at its very best! “


Background information:
Dumfries and Galloway Community Planning Partnership has been supporting resettlement schemes since 2015, with the most recent being for Ukrainian Guests.
Over 250 people from east to west and north to south in our region have offered accommodation through the UK Government ‘Homes for Ukraine’ Scheme and the Scottish Government ‘Supersponsor Scheme’ and there will be some social landlord properties and some private rentals also taken up. In addition, Scottish Government has arranged a small number of ‘Welcome Hubs’ in our region –hotel accommodation where Ukrainian Guests stay on a temporary basis until they are matched with a private host, social or private accommodation.
Dumfries and Galloway Resettlement Team, made up of Council, Health Board, Police Scotland. Registered Social Landlords and specialist third sector organisations MOOL (Massive Outpouring of Love); Dumfries and Galloway Multicultural Association and Inter Faith group, provide support to the Welcome Hub Guests on their arrival, for example helping them with required registrations, permits, English classes, travel and making the most of their time in our region.
Board principles are that the Guests’ privacy and security is respected and they are as independent as they can be as quickly as they can be.
The Resettlement Team also provides information and support to the private hosts and longer term Guests across the region, including school registrations and funding employment.
Background information about the Schemes can be found here:

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