Results of Health and social care survey in Moffat and Beattock

RESULTS of a public survey into health and social care needs within Moffat and the surrounding area were announced at a public meeting held in Moffat on May 30 2018.

Following an extensive process of gathering the views of the local community from November 2017 until March 2018, the survey found support for merging the two local GP practices (70%), exploring a range of alternatives to traditional ‘bed based’ hospital care (62%), and investigating ways of reducing prescribing costs through supporting people in their local community (79%).

As well as identifying that there is widespread support for transforming and improving local health and social care services, the survey also recognised that there is some concern about the potential loss of services and that there is a perception in some parts of the community that decisions on how services will change have already been made.

Recurring themes which emerged from the feedback included the perceived need for more care at home provision or alternative service as well as concern at a lack of Care Home beds, and a need to retain hospital beds – particularly for palliative and respite care.

Copies of the report were distributed at the public event on Wednesday, with a meeting held at Moffat Cottage Hospital the day before to offer staff an advance look at the results.

Further copies of the report are available from the Town Hall, from GP surgeries and Moffat Hospital, as well as electronically on www.dg-change.org.uk.

Health and Social Care Locality Manager for Annandale and Eskdale Gary Sheehan said: “Building on the findings of this survey, we plan to develop a local group to identify and appraise the options for change.
“Membership of the options appraisal group will be drawn from the local community and will be led by an independent facilitator to help ensure that we co-produce the transformation of services with local people and organisations.
“Once the local options appraisal group has completed its work, we will then start the consultation process with the local community later this year.
“People have been reflecting issues and concerns around the buildings which house our services, but the work which lies ahead needs to be focused on those services and how services for the future are designed to be delivered in a modern, sustainable way.
“We are committed to working with the local community to co-produce a range of new ways of meeting the health and social care needs of local people.
“And I would like to dispel any false rumours that decisions have already been made and can reassure people, including our staff, that we are still at an early stage in informing and engaging with the local community about how best to transform local services.”

As well as sharing the initial findings of the survey, the public meeting on May 30 also provided local people with an opportunity to learn more about new and innovative models of care such as Extra Care Housing which Loreburn Housing Association are planning to bring to Moffat in the future. Information about aids and adaptations which can support people to stay independent for longer was also made available and throughout the day people were able to ask questions about local health and social care provision.


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