RIAS Awards 2022 – Lockerbie Sawmill Wins Scottish Forestry/Wood For Good Award

Lockerbie Sawmill – a new flagship building for Scotland’s timber industry designed by Konishi Gaffney – has won the Scottish Forestry/Wood For Good Award, a special category award of the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland’s (RIAS) Awards.


Edinburgh-based architects Konishi Gaffney did not have to look far for materials for the new offices and visitor centre at the UK’s largest sawmill: the building acts as a demonstration project, almost entirely erected from James Jones and Sons’ own products with an approach to minimising the use of steel and maximising timber. This ode to sustainable timber construction showcases the company’s ambition as well as its operations; presenting a flagship for Scotland’s timber industry.


Lockerbie Sawmill is frequently used as a showcase for modern sawmilling in Scotland, with visitors including customers, the media, industry and government bodies. The new building is a celebration of timber as a beautiful and sustainable construction material: glulam beams and structural timber joists were used throughout, while an unprocessed tree trunk supports the backbone of the building in a nod to the timber processing cycle. Scottish larch is used for external cladding, with oak and Douglas Fir giving the interiors a warm and tactile feel. Inside, visitors can enjoy panoramic views across the timber yard, watching a constant arrival of unprocessed logs while surrounded by the finished product.


The new building is also exemplary in terms of environmental sustainability. As well as the inherent sustainability of its timber construction, the building’s thick walls contain environmentally friendly insulation, and an air source heat pump provides renewable heating and cooling. Electric car charging points also demonstrate James Jones and Sons’ commitment to environmental responsibility.


RIAS President Christina Gaiger PRIAS said:


“Konishi Gaffney have designed a spectacular showcase for Scotland’s timber industry at Lockerbie Sawmill. As a natural, sustainable, versatile and beautiful construction material, timber is hard to beat, and needs to be promoted as a key element in how the construction industry responds to the climate emergency. Thanks to the commitment and vision of James Jones & Sons, Lockerbie Sawmill will inspire all those who visit, and it is difficult to imagine a more deserving winner for this year’s timber award.
“Once again I am very grateful to Scottish Forestry/Wood For Good for sponsoring this special award, and for their important work alongside the RIAS to promote sustainable timber construction.”


Andy Leitch, Director at Wood for Good said:


“We are delighted with the quality and ambition of all the Wood award entries this year. Lockerbie sawmill is an excellent illustration on how you can maximise the use of sustainably sourced wood products to achieve high quality buildings, that not only look and feel good, but achieve high energy performance and lock up lots of carbon from the atmosphere for at least the lifetime of the building.  It is important that we continue to invest in sustainable productive forestry to ensure that we, and our children, can help decarbonise the construction industry by increasing supplies of this versatile and renewable material which is basically locked-up carbon from the atmosphere.”


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