Dumfries Church’s Christmas Eve Food Parcel Evening Boosted By Aldi Gesture

The River of Life Church has again been awarded all the Christmas Eve left-over perishable food from the Aldi store at Glasgow Road. For the second year running, the Church has been awarded the contract to receive the short-dated food from Aldi, Glasgow Road. The Church, by Dumfries station, will be open from 6pm on Christmas Eve, for people who have the need of food parcels and for agencies to refer people to come along. Last year, groups came from as far as Annan and Castle Douglas, to collect food for people in need in their communities.

Pastor Mark Smith says, “We’re thrilled to be able to help people at Christmas. For many, buying the expensive food which everyone else seems to get, is impossible or would leave them in serious debt. Here’s a chance for people in that situation, or large families who are seriously stretched, to feed all those hungry mouths. Thanks to Aldi and some kind volunteers with cars and vans, we’ll be opening the doors of our building next to Dumfries Railway Station from 6pm on Christmas Eve for people to come and find things they can use, or to distribute them to friends and neighbours in need.”

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