Royal Mail Expecting Christmas Card Increase Due To Lockdown Restrictions

One in ten (11%) UK adults plan to send more Christmas cards this year than they usually would, due to concerns over lockdown restrictions.

In a year tinged by separation and restriction, more than half of Britons (55%) believe that sending Christmas cards to loved ones is more important than ever, according to new Royal Mail research.

One in ten (11%) UK adults plan to send up to ten more Christmas cards this year than they usually do, as a direct result of lockdown restrictions.

Of those who do plan to send more cards, the results showed little difference between age groups. 15 per cent of 18-24 year olds will be sending more Christmas cards this year, compared to just under one in ten (8%) of those aged fifty five plus.

The Enduring Appeal Of The Christmas Card

Three quarters (75%) of UK adults believe that sending a Christmas card is a more meaningful way of letting loved ones know that you are thinking of them than a social media message or a text. Previously released figures reveal that more than six in ten (64%) also preferred receiving a Christmas card over any other form of festive greeting, including via social media (4%), text message (3%) or even face-to-face (19%).

Moreover, when asked why Christmas cards are so synonymous with the festive season, over half (53%) love displaying them in their homes. 45% look forward to reading the messages inside, and 45% also enjoy the particular thrill of receiving something through the post[1].


Just under half (46%) of 18-24 year olds prefer Christmas cards as a way of spreading festive cheer than via any other medium, including text (38%) and WhatsApp messages (24%)[2].

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