Sabre The Dog Gets Rescued From A ‘Hole’ Lot Of Trouble

Dumfries Fire and Rescue were called out today to rescue a German Shepherd called Sabre that had got herself stuck in a hole at Kingholm Quay near Dumfries this afternoon, June 1st 2017.  

Sabre’s owner’s Susan Wright and her mum Kathleen Wright told DGWGO Today “Sabre, Mum & I would like to thank the crew from Dumfries Fire Station who came out to rescue Sabre after she got stuck in a hole at Kingholm Quay this lunchtime.
Not only did they get out the frightened (and therefore growly) dog, who was much friendlier towards them once she was back on solid ground, they also filled in the hole so that no one else falls in.
Sabre was wet and muddy but unharmed so very grateful to our rescuers. — with Kathleen Wright.”

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