Sanquhar Goes Stone Mad For Ladybirds

Ladybird Stone has been encouraging the families of Upper Nithsdale to ‘Get Creative, Get Involved and Get Fresh Air’ by creating the group Sanquhar Secret Stones. 

Ladybird Stone told DGWGO ” I was always looking for ways to get the family out and about and when I came across the latest new craze sweeping the UK of painting and hiding stones, I knew I had to start a group to encourage local people to become involved in this creative, energetic and affordable activity.”
Ladybird Stone explained “it is basically a simple game of hide and seek where you get creative and paint a stone and hide it somewhere around the community for others to find.  Once the stone is found the ‘finder’ can either re-hide or replace it.  The fun of being part of a Facebook Group is the reward of seeing photos of your stones when found and the smile on the ‘finders’ face.”

To celebrate Sanquhar Riding of the Marches week, Ladybird Stone ran a competition for group members where she hid eight of her ‘ladybird friends’ around the community and posted clues and photos of their locations.  To win you had to find her friends and let Ladybird know where you found the stone and what her friend’s name was.  Ladybird states that the competition was a great success with eight children winning ‘Lucky Ladybird’ gifts.

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