Local MSP Emma Harper has signed the pledge to #saynotopuppydealers in order to help combat illegal puppy farming and is urging others to do the same.

The Scottish SPCA has today (Monday 16 April) launched a joint campaign with the SNP Scottish Government, Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, RSPCA, Battersea, Dogs Trust, University of Edinburgh, PAAG, Trading Standards Scotland, One Kind, Blue Cross and BSAVA to put an end to the illegal puppy trade.


The campaign’s new website aims to be the main source of information for the public on what to be aware of when thinking about buying a puppy and avoiding illegal puppy dealers.


Thousands of puppies are born into the illegal puppy trade each year, which the Scottish Government estimated to be worth £13m in 2017 in Scotland alone. Many of these puppies are kept in horrendous conditions, are often removed from their mothers too early – causing distress, harm and health problems, all in the name of a quick profit.

Commenting, MSP Emma Harper said:

Since being elected to the Scottish Parliament, I have been heavily involved on a local and national level, and have met with constituents within the South of Scotland to discuss their concerns about how puppy trafficking affects our region. In the Scottish Parliament, I have asked questions in chamber and secured member’s debates to highlight illicit puppy trafficking. The SSPCA supports puppy welfare over profit.
“This provided me with the opportunity to assist SSPCA in drawing attention to what is a cruel and inhumane crime, and to emphasize the importance of best practice when buying a new puppy.
“I am delighted to see the launch of such an informative website supported by the Scottish Government and other agencies.”
“The advice of this new joint campaign is to walk away, report your concerns, and stop the trade. I hope more people will join me and sign the #saynotopuppydealers pledge.”

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