Local Fire and Rescue were alerted to a fire at Kirkcudbright Academy at Lunchtime today Tuesday the 1st of October 2019. 

The School Headmaster released this statement this afternoon.
“During the lunch break at approximately 1:05 the fire bell sounded and we began to evacuate theschool, knowing this was not a planned drill. As we were evacuating it was noted that there was smokein the science corridor, and at this point the emergency services were contacted for the Fire Brigade to attend.
The Fire Brigade arrived within minutes and extinguished the fire, which was contained in a
plant room in the science corridor. Once it was ascertained that it was safe to do so, pupils were movedinto the Cochran Hall out of the cold to await further instruction.
At 2:10pm the Fire service agreed it was safe to let pupils into the main building, excluding the science block, and pupils were escorted back into classrooms in their UPS groups where they spent the rest of the day.
Colleagues from Property and Architectural Services have attended the school to assess any damage to the building. There is no significant water, smoke, or structural damage to the building or any of the surrounding rooms, and so we are confident to resume normal activities during the school day tomorrow Wednesday the 2nd of October.
We are reasonably certain that the fire was caused by an electrical fault in the plant equipment in thelocked science corridor plant room.
We must commend our pupils on their behaviour and cooperation during this event.”

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