Scotland’s Firework Laws To Be Reviewed

Forthcoming regulations to curb the general sale and use of fireworks. Regulations to restrict both the sale of fireworks and the times when they can be set off by the general public will be introduced for Parliament to consider in the new year.

Community Safety Minister Ash Denham announced the move as she published the Scottish Government’s response to the recommendations of an independent review group whose report was published last month.

Secondary legislation will be laid in Parliament in January which, if approved by MSPs, will place limits on both the volume and the time of day for consumer firework sales, as well when they may be set off – in time for next November’s bonfire night season.

The planned changes will apply to individuals who are buying or using fireworks for private displays, and will not apply to displays that are organised by professional firework organisers or operators.

Ms Denham said:

“I am fully committed to bringing about positive change in the relationship Scotland has with fireworks. More than 16,400 people across Scotland responded to the consultation last year. This highlighted that fireworks can be good for communities when they are used at the right time, in right place and used responsibly.
“However, it is clear there is strong support for changing how fireworks are sold and used in Scotland, and the Review Group set out clear recommendations on what change is needed going forward. I hope the actions I have outlined reassure people that their voices have been heard and that legislation will be progressed as swiftly as possible to implement positive change.
“I fully agree with the Group that it will be important to understand the impact of these changes as they are implemented in practice, including on our emergency services, on businesses, on our communities as well as in relation to firework related injuries.”


Read the Minister’s response to the Review Group on the Scottish Government website.

The planned changes will apply to individuals who are buying or using fireworks for private displays.

A number of the Review Group’s other recommendations will require further consideration, including after the 2021 Scottish Parliament elections.

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