D&G Branch Of Scottish Green Party Ready For Biggest Campaign

With candidates selected in seven wards, the party is hoping to build on the 75% increase in their vote at the Holyrood election and elect its first Green councillor in the region.

Laura Moodie

Laura Moodie, Branch Co-Convenor and candidate for Dee & Glenkens Ward said:

You’ll hear a lot from other parties about why you should put THEM in power; Greens want to put power in YOUR hands by protecting services, connecting communities and creating warmer homes. Attempts to rush through bus service cuts last year were only stopped by prompt action by Scottish Greens. Rural buses are a lifeline for workers, customers and businesses and need investment and expansion, not a death of a thousand cuts.”

Laura, who moved to Borgue with her young family in 2013, is keen to challenge what she perceives as complacency and a failure to hold contractors and partners to account by the current Council.

People in D&G are fed up with the way austerity budgets are being imposed and implemented. Too often cuts that are passed on seem to be more about playing a political blame game than seeking smart solutions to meet local needs.

“Broadband is extremely poor for many households and businesses, something I’ve been campaigning on in Borgue, and improving this vital infrastructure could be a boon for the local economy. We’ll introduce a broadband action plan within a year of being elected and help community groups own, run or have more say over projects and facilities in their area.
“People already know Greens are the only party who will campaign for cheaper and more frequent bus services and make sure plans for cycling and walking are joined up. Greens on other Councils have given residents much more say over how council money is spent and championed the most vulnerable in our communities who have been hit hardest by council cutbacks.”

Scottish Green Party candidates for Dumfries & Galloway Council elections 2017 are:

Laura Moodie – Dee & Glenkens

Clare Phillips – Abbey

Sandy Rogerson – Nith

Arthur Ramsay – Lochar

Michelle Johnston – North West Dumfries

Anne Bannatyne – Mid Galloway & Wigtown West

Paul Taylorson – Castle Douglas & Crocketford

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