Senior Firefighter Issues Water Danger Warning To Communities

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A senior firefighter is urging people to stay safe in and around water as Scotland continues to enjoy extended periods of sunshine.

Local Senior Officer, Ian McMeekin, is determined to do all he can to avoid tragedy by emphasising the dangers of entering water unprepared.

Conditions like cold water shock can have devastating effects on even the strongest swimmers.

Cold water shock can cause blood vessels to close, heartrate to increase and lead to a heart attack.

LSO McMeekin warned: “We know that people can be attracted to water when the weather is as nice as it has been recently.
“But, tragically, people often don’t realise how cold, and dangerous, water can be until it is too late.
“There are hidden risks which can be impossible to spot – there can be anything down there.
“Sadly, things can go wrong very quickly.”
LSO McMeekin continued: “Every year, tragically, we see people lose their lives in and around Scotland’s water.
“That is why I’m urging everyone to, please, follow the Scottish Government’s latest advice on social distancing, enjoy a safe summer and avoid going into water alone or unprepared.”

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