Shards Of Glass Found In Public Pool – Dumfries


The temporary DG ONE swimming pool based at the Dumfries Ice Bowl Car Park has been closed once again today ( February 16th 2017)  due to glass being found in the water.

A representative for DG One stated on the pools Facebook page this afternoon

” The Swimming Pool is closed until tomorrow morning.

Unfortunately some glass shards have been found in the water.

Until we remove the glass the pool will remain closed.

We are so sorry for the inconvenience, however we have to take these steps to ensure your safety.”

This is just another closure of many that have occurred in recent weeks due to vomiting and excrement being found in the pool.

Many local users of the pool have been venting their anger by commenting on the DG One Facebook post including –

Leah Pattinson who stated ” Beyond ridiculous at how many times this pool has been closed in a matter of weeks lately!!

and Jeanette Clark who said ” It’s ridiculous ! Why would someone take glass anywhere near a swimming pool ? What are the staff doing to prevent this sort of thing! Maybe a fine would make folk more aware of the knock on effect the pool closure has on lessons, swimming club etc.”

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