Singleton Park Care Home Registration Suspension Ordered By Court

Dumfries and Galloway Health and Social Care Partnership (DGHSCP) recognises the decision by the Sheriff Court today to grant an interim suspension of the care provider’s registration at Singleton Park Care Home in Lockerbie, effective from 30 September. 


This results from significant concerns about the standards of care being provided at the home located at Courance, Lockerbie.


First and foremost, the Partnership’s concern is the welfare of the residents and their families.


DGHSCP is working closely with the Care Inspectorate around ensuring provision of a high standard of care for the 33 residents affected by the legal action against Singleton Park Care Home – a service owned and operated outwith the Partnership.


Following action taken by the Partnership, a significant range of its own staff from across both health and social work services is currently embedded within the care home – working alongside the home’s own staff.


This is helping to ensure that the needs of the residents and their families are being supported both now, and going forward. This support will continue until firmer arrangements are in place.


DGHSCP Chief Officer Julie White said: “We recognise the decision made today by the Sheriff in respect of Singleton Park Care Home. 
“The very significant support that has been provided to Singleton Park Care Home by the Partnership has been put in place in an approach allied to the Care Inspectorate’s concerns. 
“It means that the Health and Social Care Partnership is there to support the home, residents and families and staff throughout this process. 
“This is obviously a distressing and challenging time, with the welfare of the residents and families the first and foremost concern. 
“However, I would also like to say a huge thank you to our dedicated, committed staff from across the Partnership for their work in helping to address and stabilise this situation, and to the staff at Singleton for working together with us at this time. 
“DGHSCP will be working to ensure residents and families are kept apprised of developments, and that the wider community remains informed.” 


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