Action Taken In Response To Covid Cases At Singleton Park Care Home

Action taken in response to COVID cases at Singleton Park care home

CASES of COVID associated with a care home in the region have prompted an immediate response.

Admissions and transfers have been suspended at Singleton Park Care Home in Courance in response to the identification of cases.

A multi-disciplinary team is providing support to the care home, with a total of ten cases across staff and residents.

As soon as the outbreak developed immediate action was taken around implementing a number of additional robust infection control measures including increased testing and an ongoing decontamination schedule.

Work has been taking place with the Local Authority and Public Health teams to ensure that necessary steps are being taken to protect everyone within the home and provide any additional support needed.

Director of Public Health Valerie White said: “A range of mitigations are in place aimed at preventing outbreaks of COVID-19 in care homes. However, there has been and continues to be a high prevalence of cases within communities, and vulnerable settings such as care homes are at risk of outbreaks.

“Vaccination has been a game changer in relation to hospitalisations and deaths arising from COVID-19, but as a partnership we work closely with all our care home providers to minimise and monitor any COVID-19 cases associated with care homes.”

Cases of COVID have remained stubbornly high in Dumfries and Galloway over recent weeks, and have been identified right across the region.

It is essential that anyone who experiences an increased temperature, continuous cough and loss of or changes to sense of taste and/or smell immediately self-isolates and arranges to be tested for COVID. Self-isolation is crucial until a result is provided, so as to ensure that any further spread of the coronavirus is limited.

No one should be blamed for developing COVID, but it is everyone’s responsibility to minimise the risk and to immediately take the correct action if they become symptomatic.

Maintaining good hand hygiene, wearing a face covering in indoor public areas and on public transport, together with vaccination and regular testing can help prevent the spread of coronavirus and protect ourselves, our loved ones, neighbours, colleagues and communities.

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