Members from the Solway Vehicle Enthusiasts Club had their charitable hats on when on the 26th of September they popped in from the wind and rain to Dumfries Academy to present a cheque for £200 to the Academy’s Da Vinci Decathlon Team to help with logistics and expenses.

The Team, comprising 8 members, aim to achieve their dream of entering the National Da Vinci Schools Challenge scheduled to take place at the Easterbrook Hall, Dumfries from the 4 to 6 October this year.

This Dumfries and Galloway heats this will see the Academy team compete against eight other schools from throughout the region over three days of competition with the winners earning the right to compete in the International Challenge Event in Italy in 2017.

Solway Vehicle Enthusiasts Club wishes the Team every success in the challenge.

  photograph shows Club Vice Chairman Colin J Coupland presenting the cheque to Douglas Smith and the rest of the Team. Also in the picture in Club member Jack Ronald and Teacher Miss Templeton

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