South Dumfries Bypass Supported by Dual The A75

The local road campaign have suggested building a new South Dumfries bypass and moving the A75 route from the current bypass to this new section of road. The campaign believes this would be the “best idea” to ensuring the A75 is upgraded to a dual carriageway in its entirety.

The group highlights that there are sections along the current bypass which are impossible to upgrade to dual carriageway given the landscape challenges – in particular several buildings, industrial estates and retail parks which feature on both sides of the existing carriageway of the bypass.

Also trying to upgrade the section of road between the A701 roundabout and cuckoo bridge roundabout would require an additional three bridges to be built which could result in being heavy in price.

 campaign group believe it might be cheaper and less disrupting to build a new dual carriageway south Dumfries bypass which would start somewhere between the Collin bypass and A780 roundabout near the Dumfries Travelodge and Premier Inn hotels, and connect the Crichton area and Cargen Bridge to the A75 near the new Dumfries hospital. The campaign recognises that this would involve the building of one new bridge across the river Nith however this would open up more investment to the south side of Dumfries, resulting in more jobs creation and less town centre congestion.

The campaign would like to see the A75 relocated from the current bypass to this newly proposed South Dumfries bypass.