South Scotland MSP offers more support for WASPI women

South Scotland Emma Harper is again shining a spotlight on the plight of Dumfries & Galloway women caught up in the changes made to the state pension age.

Women born after April 1950 and who have reached state pension age before April 2016 could miss out on pension funds worth up to £33,280.

Next week Ms Harper will host a WASPI event at Lochside Community Centre with WASPI campaigner Ann Ferguson, to update those concerned about the campaign for state pension equality.

Women born after April 1950 are now required to work until they are 65 years old but could miss out on thousands of pounds as they are only eligible for the old state pension.

While women born after 1953 are working until they are 65, they qualify for the new basic state pension which is £168.60 but those born after April 1950 and reaching their state pension age before April 2016 have endured working for longer and are now receiving the lower pension £129.20, missing out on £40 each week.

South Scotland MSP Emma Harper will head up an information event next week as an update to the WASPI campaign which is fighting for the rights of women in relation to the change in their pension age. She said;

I’m hosting the WASPI information event in Dumfries to update local women on where things are at with the WASPI campaign. The changes to women’s state pension age, imposed by the UK Government, did not properly consider many thousands of women over the country who have finished their working lives but have been utterly disregarded by the UK Government.
I’d like to encourage any constituent who has concerns over their state pension, or who would like to find out any information about the WASPI campaign to come along to the event.”

Ann Ferguson of WASPI, said;

Unfortunately the UK Government assumed that by simply passing legislation to change the qualifying age for the state pension that everyone affected would know about it. Women who had long expected to claim their state pension at age 60 had little time to prepare for this increasing to 65 over an accelerated period of time and with little or no notice.  Not only are women having to wait an extra five years for the measly state pension little regard has been given to the massive impact this is having on society. Charities have lost potential volunteers, families have lost valuable child care which could have helped combat working families poverty, service for older and disabled people have been put under even more pressure through the loss of family carers.” 
“What is even more devastating for those women born in or after April 1950 and claiming their state pension before April 2016 is that they had to work longer and are locked into the old basic state pension of £129 .20 a week. That is £40 a week less than anyone reaching state pension age after April 2016. These women have suffered a devastating double blow.”

The WASPI event will take place at Lochside Community Centre on Saturday 14th March, 11.00-12.30. For any further information about the event contact Emma Harper MSP’s constituency office on 01387 255 334.

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