Council Offer Support for Struggling Private Water Supplies in the Region

In response to a number of calls from the public, Dumfries and Galloway Council and Scottish Water are aware of some issues relating to private water supplies in the area. The lovely weather recently has meant that a small number of properties are experiencing issues with their private water supply.

Across our region, there are 1,450 private water supplies, serving approximately 3,000 properties. Although the Council’s Environmental Standards Team are responsible for monitoring and registering the regions private water supplies, the responsibility for private water supplies ultimately rests with the owners and users of the supply.

In the interests of protecting the most vulnerable the Council will provide support to those served by a private water supply which is unable to provide fresh water.

Depute Leader, Rob Davidson, said “whilst we are all enjoying the current sunny weather, we recognise that this may have an impact on the private water supplies to some properties in the region. We are committed to supporting our most vulnerable people, so our officers are working with Scottish Water to help those who whose domestic private supply is at risk of running out or indeed has run out. I would also ask that members of the community be good neighbours where they know or think someone may be at risk or in need of support and help them contact the Council.”

Scottish Water have advised that people with private water supplies manage their own consumption and monitor their supplies during this continued period of dry weather.
Private businesses who are affected should make their own arrangements with Scottish Water or another supplier.

Should you have a private water supply and be experiencing difficulties, please get in touch via 030 33 33 3000 and where appropriate your details will be passed to Environmental Standards for action.