Suspicious Man Disturbed in Dumfries Hotel

Police Scotland officers in Dumfries want to trace the following described man who was found in a private part of the Cairndale Hotel in Dumfries.  At around 1000 hours on Friday 29 July 2016 the man was disturbed in a staff only area in the hotel by a member of the hotel staff, and thereafter fled the building.  He is described as being male, aged about 40/50 years, blond/sandy coloured hair which was mid length, wearing a dark navy blue coloured jumper, white shirt and navy blue trousers.  Nothing app[ears to have been stolen in this incident.

Constable Graeme Sturgeon at Dumfries said “the reason for this man leaving as quickly as he did when he was disturbed raises obvious suspicions.  We ask anyone who can help us identify him to get in touch with us at Dumfries on the 101 number.

Image courtesy, Mathew Wallace, Cairndale Hotel

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