Temporary Limiting of Hospital Patient Numbers at Moffat Cottage Hospital

A limit is again having to be introduced on bed numbers at Moffat Cottage Hospital.

In a similar situation to what was experienced at around the same time last year, a staffing shortage means that patient bed numbers will have to be temporarily reduced from 12 to 8.

No existing patient within Moffat Cottage Hospital will be affected by the move. Instead, new admissions will be limited. Work has been undertaken to recruit to nursing posts within the hospital, with the hope that the situation can be resolved quickly – in the same manner as was seen last year.

Graham Abrines is General Manager for Community Health and Social Care, and he said: “The decision has been made in order to ensure the safety of patients and staff, and results from clinical advice resulting from the challenges of safely covering the vacant qualified nursing posts.

“We were successful last summer in filling posts at Moffat Cottage Hospital, allowing us to remove the limit on patient numbers, and we are currently seeking to fill these new vacancies with all the posts currently being advertised.”

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