The Scottish SPCA Is Seeking Homes For Seven Fun Loving Ferrets

The Scottish SPCA are struggling to find room for the ferrets and are urgently looking for homes for the playful creatures.

Centre manager, Marion Hainey, said, “Conor was found as a stray and sadly nobody came to claim him. He has been with us for 96 days which is the longest out of the ferrets in our care.
“We’re unsure of Conor’s age but he’s a laidback lad who loves to snuggle up in his bed but will leap in to action as soon as he hears you enter his hutch! He hasn’t been well handled and does tend to nip so we are looking for an experienced owner for him.
“William is our male albino ferret who was also found as a stray. He isn’t so confident so will need an owner who will handle him and build his confidence with humans.
“Jilly came to us as a stray and is our female albino. She’s is happiest when playing with her toys and is a little mischievous but in an adorable way!
“Jasper is well handled but a new owner will need to continue socialising him. He adores exploring and likes to squeak to show you how he is feeling.
“All of these ferrets were found as strays and are curious and inquisitive.
“Harry, Hermione and Ginny are a trio looking for a home together. They are full of energy and will need plenty of exercise.
Harry, Hermione, and Ginny
“All of our ferret friends will need spacious enclosures with lots of cosy spots and enrichment to keep them occupied and, of course, lots of human contact.
“All of our ferrets could potentially go to homes with existing ferrets as long as owners are able to carry out the proper introductions and provide them with a separate enclosure while they get used to their new surroundings.
“We’d love to find the perfect homes for all of our fabulous furries as they’ll make fantastic companions for any enthusiast.
“Anyone interested in either of these animals can apply online or find out more about them on our website.”

People can find out more about the ferrets here: https://bit.ly/30TZ7CD

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