The Second Galloway Glens Intern Begins In Post

The Galloway Glens Scheme aims to ‘connect people to their heritage’, while giving a boost to the local economy and supporting sustainable communities. A key strand of these efforts is to support young people of working age that are seeking employment, allowing them to remain in the region.

The Galloway Glens has therefore launched a programme that supports paid internships within the Galloway Glens area and the second intern in that programme has just started in post.

The second intern, Calypso Coulton, has now started in post. Calypso is the new Social Media and Communications Intern for both the Better Lives Partnership and the Castle Douglas Development Forum. These two local charitable organisations were in need of similar support, and so Calypso will split her time equally between the two organisations.

Calypso Coulton, the new Social Media and Communications Intern with BLP and CDDF, said

“I’m so pleased to have had this opportunity. It’s really hard to get a job without relevant experience, and the fact that its paid means that I can pay my way through the 6 months. I’m really enjoying working with both organisations and already feel as though the experiences I am gaining will be invaluable to my future career goals.”

Helen Keron, Education and Community Engagement Officer for the Galloway Glens said,

“It was great to meet Calypso this week and see how well she’s settling into the role. It’s a challenging position but she’ll be able to make a real contribution to both organisations while at the same time gaining key experience that will serve her in good stead for her next role. Abbie has also hit the ground running over at the Galloway Fisheries Trust, and it’s great to see them both so excited about the opportunity and really making the most of it. These roles explore opportunities to connect us to our heritage, in a contemporary setting”

Carolyn Kennedy, Project Co-Ordinator for the Better Lives Partnership said,

“We’re delighted to have Calypso on board and can already see that she’s going to make a huge difference. The Better Lives Partnership is very grateful to the Galloway Glens for the funding that has enabled us to offer this role and we’re looking forward to working with the Galloway Glens, Castle Douglas Development Forum and Calypso in making this an excellent experience for all involved.”

In September, Abbie Nye began her role in the first intern position with the Galloway Fisheries Trust, working with the GFT team on improving habitats in the Black Water of Dee. Abbie Nye, said,

“I have loved my time at GFT so far, I have been fully integrated into the team and working on a number of projects to develop my skills and knowledge in fisheries conservation. This is a fantastic opportunity to expand my skills and gain project management experience that will enable me to be successful in my future career within fisheries conservation. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and looking forward to the rest of my time with GFT.”

With the third and final intern of the 2020 programme expected to start in early 2021 (application deadline has now passed), with Natural Power Consultants, the Galloway Glens will oversee an intern network programme for the successful applicants. Other interns working in the Galloway Glens area are also very welcome to join the network – contact [email protected] for more details. The network will add value to the intern positions by working on leadership, personal and employability skills, ensuring that each intern leaves their position in a much stronger position for finding full-time employment.

The Galloway Glens Scheme hopes to support further positions in coming years. Follow Galloway Glens Social media channels for information.

The Galloway Glens Landscape Partnership Scheme is a suite of projects happening across the catchments of the rivers Ken and Dee from 2018 to 2023. £2.7million of core funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund will be matched by a variety of partners to bring over £5million of investment into the area over the 5 years. The area stretches from the uplands behind Carsphairn in the north, through the Glenkens, past Loch Ken, through Castle Douglas and out to the sea at Kirkcudbright. 35 headline projects plus more Small Grants projects all aim to connect people with their cultural, natural and built heritage, and to support sustainable modern rural communities. For more information about the scheme, visit www.gallowayglens.org.

The Better Lives Partnership, Bridge to Employment Programme works with young people aged 16 – 25 years who need support on their journey from education to their positive outcome, whether that is employment, further education, training, self-employment or volunteering.  For more information about the Better Lives Partnership, see  http://betterlivespartnership.org.uk/ or contact  info@betterlivespartnership.

Castle Douglas Development Forum is a development trust and anchor organisation which delivers a number of projects in and around Castle Douglas for the benefit of the community. For more information, see www.castledouglas.info/about-castle-douglas/community/

The aim of the Galloway Fisheries Trust is to restore and maintain aquatic biodiversity, particularly native fish, in Galloway by means of practical, responsible and sustainable approaches to land, water and fishery management, based on sound science, for the benefit of the community as a whole.

It is an environmental charity which was set up in 1988 by four local District Salmon Fishery Boards in the South West of Scotland with common problems and aims.

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