Wickerman Festival 2015

With the Wickerman Festival fast approaching excitement is building for what is certain to be another terrific event at Dundrennan. Police Scotland is calling on all revellers to have fun, but to keep themselves safe.
The festival is a highlight for the thousands that flock to The Wickerman, and also for the scores of people who make it happen, including officers and staff of Police Scotland.
Inspector Stuart Davidson, Event Planner for The Wickerman said –
‘‘I am delighted that the main event is almost upon us again. It doesn’t seem like a year since we were last at Dundrennan. But, the organisers, the emergency services and the many agencies involved have packed in a power of work in months of extensive planning to deliver what will be another world class festival. It is a true team effort.

‘‘Wickerman is a landmark event that has been built on years of the experience, know-how and good-old fashioned hard work of everyone concerned.
‘‘Some of our officers and staff have played a part at The Wickerman since its early beginnings. From a policing perspective events of this magnitude will bring their own set of challenges but it is a rewarding and enjoyable experience for those involved.
‘‘Police officers will be operating within all areas of the venue. They are available to you so please take the opportunity to speak with them, particularly if you have any queries or concerns.
‘‘Our priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of our communities, including the community that gathers for the weekend at The Wickerman. We want people to have fun and enjoy what is sure to be another excellent festival.
‘‘At the same time we want them to look after themselves, have respect for others and be mindful that what is against the law in Scotland is also against the law within any festival venue in Scotland.’’
“Drugs are illegal and Police Scotland adopts the same pro-active approach to the dealing and misuse of drugs across the country, no matter where it happens and no matter what the occasion or venue. Police Scotland will take action against drugs dealers and drugs misuse.
“Legal highs are dangerous and are not permitted at The Wickerman. Some of these substances do contain drugs that are controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1970, which means charges can be brought.
“Anyone who takes legal (also known as herbal) highs has no idea of what they actually contain. They could have been mixed with drugs or other substances and their use becomes even more perilous when taken with alcohol or, indeed, other substance. Anyone who feels ill as a result of taking any substances should seek medical assistance immediately and stay with the person who is unwell until help arrives.
“Drugs will not be tolerated and anyone caught dealing or carrying drugs will be arrested. Police Scotland’s specialist drugs dogs will also be operating at The Wickerman.
“If you have information regarding drug misuse or dealing call Police Scotland on 101, or pass information anonymously via the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
“It’s common for people to relax and have a drink, but too much alcohol combined with what we hope will be a sunny weekend can pose real difficulties. Excessive alcohol consumption is a factor in crimes of disorder and violence. It also poses real health risks and can result in what would have been a memorable day being hard to recall.
“Drink plenty of non-alcoholic fluids – water – to avoid getting dehydrated, eat regularly and slow your pace when drinking alcohol.

The event organisers and their partners, including Police Scotland, offer the following Top Ten Tips to Wickerman attendees –

1) Before setting out on your journey, plan ahead and leave in plenty of time. Check http://trafficscotland.org before setting off for advance advice.

2) The festival medical team is onsite 24/7 to support the audience and the event, but no one wants to miss their favourite band due to a trip to first aid. Remember to pack any medication you will need over the weekend, including prescriptions, inhalers and diabetic medicines. Plus, take heed of Scotland’s changeable weather. Take time to look at the weather forecast for the weekend and bring appropriate clothing and footwear and also sunscreen.

3) Refuel, Rehydrate and Relax – It’s a long weekend so remember to pace yourself and take some time out to eat and drink – trust us eating isn’t cheating and makes you last longer! Alcohol can dehydrate you so remember to make use of the free water points around the site. There is also plenty of food to choose from for your three daily meals, and make sure you wash your hands frequently or use the hand sanitizers throughout the site.

4) Drugs are illegal. Anyone caught in possession of illegal substances will be dealt with in the same way as anywhere else in the UK.

5) ‘Legal, or herbal highs’ are not permitted onsite at The Wickerman. Selling these substances is prohibited and anyone found with these substances in their possession will have them immediately confiscated. It is important that music fans understand that ‘legal’ does not mean ‘safe’ and that these substances can cause serious harm especially when mixed with others such as alcohol. The terms “legal high” and “herbal high” are often misleading as many of these substances are not meant for human consumption.

6) Look after the festival site and each other – please put rubbish in the bins provided, take your tent home and be a good neighbour.

7) Always report any incident no matter how big or small, to security or police, they are there to help. By reporting incidents you can help prevent further crime. If you can’t contact a police officer or steward in person, you can call 999 in an emergency, 101 in a non-emergency. If you want to pass CONFIDENTIAL information ANONYMOUSLY dial CRIMESTOPPERS on 0800 555 111.

8) Local residents – the local community is extremely supportive of The Wickerman. Please show them respect when travelling to and from the event.

9) Only bring essential items, and don’t leave anything of value in your tent.
10) Wristbands – you need your wristband at all times. Checks will be in place all weekend and if you can’t present a valid wristband, this could result in you being asked to leave the event. Please keep them safe.

You can follow The Wickerman on Facebook on – www.facebook.com/wickermanfestival

Police Scotland, Dumfries and Galloway Division will also be updating its own official social media channels with relevant news and information – Facebook – www.facebook.com/dumfriesandgallowayconstabulary and Twitter – @GallowayPolice

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