Tom Kitchin to share his culinary secrets at Electrolux event in Dumfries, Scotland

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The Michelin-starred chef will take part in an interactive cookery demonstration hosted by Electrolux at Kevin Farish Domestic Appliances in Dumfries on 31 May.

Visit Kevin Farish Domestic Appliances from 1pm for an inspiring cookery demonstration by Tom Kitchin, Head Chef and Owner of Edinburgh restaurant, The Kitchin, and watch him create mouth-watering dishes using the latest Electrolux appliances. Following the demonstration, visitors are invited to an exclusive signing of Tom’s latest book Kitchin Suppers.
“Tom Kitchin has been using Electrolux appliances for many years, so who better to share culinary tricks of the trade”, says Kevin Farish, Founder and Director of Kevin Farish Domestic Appliances. “We are delighted that Tom will be in store and hope that customers, both new and regular, will join us on the day. One hundred seats will be available on a first come, first served basis, so make sure you turn up early!”
On top of the exclusive book signing and cookery demonstrations, Kevin Farish will offer 20% off all Electrolux Inspiration appliances until Monday 14th June.
Electrolux Professional appliances have long featured in Tom Kitchin’s restaurant and, more recently, his new home kitchen. Tom says “I have been using Electrolux Professional appliances in The Kitchin since I opened it in 2006. Because the Electrolux Inspiration range incorporates many of the professional features on the appliances I use in my restaurant, it means I can create dishes to the same standard at home now”.

Kevin Farish Domestic Appliances, St. Andrews Old Primary School, Brooke Street, Dumfries DG1 2JL

Essentially the day will be as follows :-
The Old School building at the bottom of Brooke Street will open at 10am this Saturday, at which point 100 exclusive, free vouchers will be available for collection on a first come first served basis for access to the exclusive live demo at 1pm. Once the 100 vouchers for entry to the demo are snapped up, there are a subsequent 40 vouchers available and the lucky people who get there hands on one of these will be welcomed back at 2pm when they will receive a free copy of Tom’s latest cook book, Kitchin Suppers, and then tehy will gain access to the studio Tom will be in who’ll then sign the book for them.
As well as the live cooking and book signing, AEG and Electrolux who are kindly organising this for us, are offering an excellent 20% all their appliances from the 31st for a fortnight. We are also putting on a few fund-raising games including a raffle with a variety of excellent prizes including a vacuum cleaner, microwave, Archos tablet, and many other prizes. All proceeds will go to local charity Headway House (which is pertinent to Kevin himself as a member of his staff received excellent support there whilst recovering from a bad head injury received in car crash).

Also on the day, the tenants of The Old School such as The Art Room, Nonalous Tearoom, and Dumfries School of Dance will be open to custom, with a few tenants offering a variety of introductory discounts for new customers.
The reason we are lucky enough for this to be happening is that Kevin Farish won a competition with Electrolux at the end of last year, having sold a large volume of their goods, and with Tom Kitchin being an Electrolux ambassador, who uses their appliances in his own kitchens, it seemed a perfect fit for him to come down and show-off his culinary skills and a few tricks of the trade.

More info about this event available on http://www.dgwgo.com/ai1ec_event/live-cookery-demo-michelin-star-chef-tom-kitchin/?instance_id=37317

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