Transport Focus Must Now Be On The South West Says Dual The A75

A campaign group wishing to upgrade the A75 to a dual carriageway are now calling for Scotland’s Transport focus to be centred on the roads in the South West of the region. The campaign group formed in February 2016 and have over 4000 followers on their social media website.

The campaign highlighted other transport projects in the country which have seen mass government investment whilst funding for major improvements to routes in the South West of the country have not been delivered.

It’s fantastic to see so much money going into transport projects in other areas of the country such as the £1.4 billion Queensferry crossing and the £3 billion dualling of the A9 between Perth and Inverness.”
“The M8/M73/M74 project is almost complete and plans are underway to dual the A96 between Aberdeen and Inverness, expected to be completed by 2030.”
“However we cannot forget about the A75 in the South West of Scotland which has been unfit for purpose for many decades. The road is an important corridor to the ferry ports at Cairnryan and carries tens of thousands of passengers daily.”
“There is a real mix of traffic from small cars to large HGV trucks, local and tourist traffic and agricultural vehicles which all share this route. Due to few overtaking opportunities on the A75 and the varying speed limits that certain vehicles are restricted too, many drivers become frustrated and carry out dangerous overtaking manoeuvres. This too often results in fatal accidents.”
“The fact that other roads and rail links have seen a great amount of government investment whilst the A75 has seen very little is frustrating. We face a declining ferry port, a slow growing economy and a continual growing accident record on the A75. This badly affects Dumfries and Galloway as a region and as a place to live and work.”

The Scottish Government this week announced that they plan to phase out the need for petrol and diesel cars by 2032 as well as unveiling plans for the A9 to become Scotland’s first electric highway.

“This is going to result in more money going into the A9 and potentially reduce the chances of any money coming to the south west and being invested in routes such as the A75.”
“The time is now for Scotland’s Transport Minister Humza Yousaf to commit to upgrading the A75. We have seen so much government spending on other transport projects in the central belt and in the north of Scotland. Mr Yousaf should now look to the forgotten corner of the South West.”

Dual The A75 would like to see more investment into the South West and in particular funding to upgrade the A75 to a dual carriageway between Gretna and Stranraer. Key areas the campaign is fighting for are:

  • To secure a full and independent study of the economic impact on Dumfries & Galloway showing what may happen if the A75 is dualled and the reverse impact if it is not.
  • To secure an urgent commitment to proceed with the bypassing of the villages of Crocketford and Springholm. These remain the only villages on the A75 and the E18 route.
  • To secure a commitment that all future upgrades to the A75 will be of dual carriageway standard.

Ensure that a strategy is formulated and agreed whereby all works are carried out with a view to the ultimate outcome being the eventual dualling of the entire A75.

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