A Spokesperson from Dumfries and Galloway Council has announced today that senior learners who studied at the new multi million pound North West Community campus will be picking up their studies from where they left off at alternative classrooms at other locations on Monday. The North West Community Campus was closed recently after several major incidents occured leading to pupils being injured and the school closing for a major safety inspection.

The D&G Council spokesperson Stated “The children, pupils, parents and staff of the North West Community Campus have been incredibly patient as we put in place the emergency response to minimise the disruption due to the disappointing closure of their new school last week.
Since the closure, all learners from North West Community Campus have continued learning with the support of all the schools in the town. Parents are understandably worried about pupils learning, particularly those who are preparing for exams. All S4-S6 parents were invited to a meeting on Thursday 20th September to explain the senior timetable continuing from Monday 24th September. In a positive meeting, parents and pupils were told that all senior learners will be picking up from where they left off at the point that we left NWCC. They will re-join their exam classes and will continue practical learning as well as theory lessons. Learning will be with their existing classes and their existing teachers.
It has been a huge challenge to get the resources from the NWCC as HubSouthWest and Grahams carry out work, but we have the essential resources and have help from other schools in the Burgh to ensure that senior learners will have ‘lessons as normal’ from Monday. This means that S4/5/6 pupils and teachers from the North West Community Campus are travelling to Dumfries High School and Dumfries Academy. Travel arrangements have been put in place to transport the young people safely to these schools and pupils have their individual timetables from Thursday 20th. In addition, we have put in place specific pupil support arrangements and will be working with the parent and pupil council to plan other activities, such as October school or study support, that we can provide.”
Council Leader, Elaine Murray, said “We continue to be disappointed that the community of North West Dumfries do not have the school we agreed with hubSouthWest, but until they provide us with assurances that the school is safe and that all the necessary checks have been carried out, we will continue to provide education for our pupils from the alternative locations. Our priority was to get staff and children back in classrooms and learning again. Since last week, our staff have been working to ensure that pupils have access to their chosen subjects.
“We have a professional and skilled group of staff who work across Dumfries Learning Town to make sure all pupils’ learning is not further disrupted and we make the best of these difficult circumstances.”

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