Troubled Yacht Rescued Off Isle Of Man After Leaving Kirkcudbright

RNLI Douglas lifeboat volunteer crew members were paged at 2.41am today(29 March) to go to the aid of a yacht becalmed off Douglas.

The yacht with two people on board had been on passage from Kirkcudbright since 10.30am the previous day and the crew had tacked for the approach to Douglas some two miles out when the wind dropped leaving them becalmed. With insufficient fuel to then complete their journey under power the crew had called for assistance.

The RNLI all-weather lifeboat Sir William Hillary launched under the command of volunteer coxswain Graeme Cushnie to tow the casualty vessel back to the Liner Berth between the Victoria and Edward Piers in Douglas Harbour where the Coastguard were waiting to assist.

The lifeboat then returned to station where it was re-housed and made ready again for service by 3.45am

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