Turbulent Waters: Objections Flow For River Cree Flood Protection Scheme

Dumfries and Galloway Council is currently facing almost 60 objections regarding a significant multi-million pound flood protection scheme.

The proposed scheme aims to construct flood defences along the River Cree at Newton Stewart and Minnigaff, areas that have experienced severe flooding in the past. Notably, in December 2015, the River Cree overflowed, leading to extensive damage to homes and businesses in the vicinity.

The primary objective of the flood protection scheme is to mitigate the risk of flooding in these vulnerable regions. The Council’s proposal has, however, elicited concerns from various stakeholders, resulting in a total of 58 objections being raised.

One notable concern expressed by objectors relates to potential adverse effects on fishing and land located within the boundary of the proposed scheme. The area is known for its fishing activities, and objectors fear that the flood defences might disrupt the natural flow of the river and impact the fish species present.

Council officials have been actively engaging with the concerns voiced by the public. In response to the objections, a report has been prepared and is scheduled to be presented to the communities committee in the coming week. The report details that many of the raised issues have already been addressed and considered during the scheme’s development phase.

As per the recommendations put forth by the council officials, the next steps in the decision-making process involve seeking approval from councillors. If the councillors give their consent, further deliberations will take place to carefully consider the remaining points of contention that have been raised by objectors. Among the objections received, a significant portion (24 objections) has come from property owners or individuals who have a vested interest in the land located within the designated scheme boundary.

As the Dumfries and Galloway Council proceeds with its decision-making process, it will weigh the objections and recommendations put forth by various stakeholders, aiming to strike a balance between safeguarding the community from future flooding events and addressing the legitimate concerns raised by those directly affected by the proposed flood protection scheme.