TV Celebrity Chef  ‘Tom Kitchin’  came to visit Kevin Farish Domestic Appliances in Dumfries today (31/5/14)  to give 100 lucky people  an inspiring cookery demonstration and show us all the latest fantastic cooking equipment that Electrolux have in their range . This was Tom’s Only UK Appearance for the company this year and this was the only Electrolux Demo that was going to be held in Scotland ! 

Kevin Farish said “Tom has used Electrolux Kitchen  appliances for many years so who better to share culinary tricks of the trade “.  Kevin who is  founder and Director of Kevin Farish Domestic Appliances

also said “We are delighted that Tom came to visit the  store and hope that customers, both new and regular,enjoyed their  day.” Kevin Farish will offer 20% off all Electrolux Inspiration appliances until Monday 14th June.

One hundred FREE seats where made available  on a first come, first served basis, When I arrived to collect my Press pass at 10.00am  There was a queue of folk waiting for their Free tickets  out of the door at The Old School Dumfries ( Where the demo was being held) . Tom also did an exclusive book signing , and gave away 50 copies of his latest book ‘Kitchin Suppers’ which you can buy online at http://thekitchin.com/shop/books.html . 

I was lucky enough to be one of the 50 folk who got a signed copy , and a s a keen cook , I can’t wait to try some of the recipes .


Tom is Scotland’s youngest Michelin starred chef proprietor, having achieved a star aged only 29, and has become a well-known face on television, having appeared on BBC’s Saturday Kitchen, UKTV Food’s Market Kitchen and in BBC2’s successful series, The Great British Menu. Tom has on many occasions joined some of the UK’s most renowned chefs on the Masterchef Final Chef’s Table panel as a judge.

He Cooked two dishes for the crowd to see today , a Salmon dish with Asparagus and a duck dish with Cauliflower , Both smelled wonderful   while he was cooking . Tom had  great banter and was very funny , keeping the audience laughing all the way through the demo , and the whole event was quite educational ,I for one learned a few ideas that I will definitely be trying out . And I will also be saving my pennies to get myself one of the amazing Steam /fan ovens that Tom demonstrated . I also learned that good cooking is all in the preparation , you don’t need to buy expensive wines and spices and oils to make food taste good , use the natural Juices from what your cooking to make the sauce , you do need a set of descent knives and pans though !

So I would Sum up the Event as a huge success , which seemed to please everyone that came along , it’s a real credit to Tom , who was so friendly and kind to everyone who wanted to chat to him and have their pictures taken afterwards considering he was then heading straight back to Edinburgh for the Evening service at his restaurant  . A real credit to Kevin Farish and his team for putting on such a great event in such a great venue ,it’s always great to see D&G attracting events that will not happen anywhere else in the country ,   and thanks must also go to the team from Electrolux for being so kind and looking after me today as well !


Pictured left to right , Scott Thomson( Electrolux) ,Tom Kitchen, Kevin Farish , Beth McGunnigle (Elecrolux)
Pictured left to right , Scott Thomson( Electrolux) ,Tom Kitchen, Kevin Farish , Beth McGunnigle (Elecrolux)

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To Find out more about the latest line of Kitchen appliances at Electrolux click this link http://www.electrolux.co.uk/


To find out more about Tom Kitchin and his fantastic Restaurant click this link http://thekitchin.com/index.html

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To find out more about Kevin Farish Ltd Click this link http://www.kevinfarish.com/generic/website.asp?page=home

Photography and Article by R.B Photography for DGWGO

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