Views Sought On Corriedoo Management Plan

Forestry and Land Scotland is inviting people in Dumfries and Galloway to take part in its development of a new Land Management Plan for Corriedoo – near St John’s Town of Dalry, Dumfries and Galloway.

The plan is concerned with 418ha of upland coniferous forest and focuses on sustainable timber production, increasing forest species diversity while also improving riparian connectivity.

There are also proposals for changing the species mix in the forest to help it better withstand the future impacts of climate change.

Dr Lena Boukelia, planning forester with the FLS team in the area, said;

As with all of our land management plans, we’re looking at how we manage this site over the next ten years and also outline our ideas for the ten years beyond that.
“It’s really about getting the most out of the forest both in terms of the timber it produces and in how it contributes more broadly to biodiversity and habitat provision. The consultation allows us to explain opportunities – and issues that we might have to contend with – and to get some constructive feedback from members of the public.
“Given the current public health crisis we are unfortunately unable to hold public meetings or events and so have put everything online for people to view and feedback on at their leisure.
“However, anyone who for any reason is unable to take part in an online consultation can contact me at [email protected] or on 07584 336 807 to learn more and offer their views.”

Other key points in the plan include how best to protect these forests from future threats, such as pests and diseases and the climate emergency.

The consultation will remain open until 15 January.


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