Forestry Commission Scotland is looking for views on a 10 year Land Management Plan for Dalbeattie Forest and its surrounding woodlands.
To help explain the Plan and to get feedback, a drop-in event is to be held at Dalbeattie Town Hall on Tuesday 17th February between 2-7pm.
The Land Management Plan is an important document which will help shape the future of Dalbeattie Forest, Buittle Hill, Barrhill and Aucheninnes.
Lesley Smith, Communities Officer at Forestry Commission Scotland said:
“We are keen to hear from as many people as possible on our proposed Land Management Plan.
“The forests and woodlands in and around Dalbeattie are important for producing and supplying timber to local sawmills. We need to ensure this continues and the forests remain healthy.
“The forests are also very popular with local people and visitors, with tourism being an important boost to the local economy. We want to build on this and improve our access to these fantastic woodlands through the ‘Healthy Dalbeattie’ project.
“We have a very active local community who are keen to be involved in the woodlands around Dalbeattie and we would encourage everyone to come along to the open day and find out more.”
At the same time as the drop-in event for the Land Management Plan, Forestry Commission Scotland and NHS Dumfries and Galloway will team up for a small exhibition to explain the Healthy Dalbeattie Project.
For more information on the 10 year Land Management Plan for Dalbeattie please check the Forestry Commission Scotland website at http://www.forestry.gov.uk/ScotlandConsultations

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