Wallace Hall Team Skydive for Action for Children Scotland.

The sun was shining on 12th May at Skydive Northwest in the Lake District as 10 brave souls from Wallace Hall Academy, Thornhill jumped 14,000ft out of a plane. A mixture of fear, excitement and adrenaline ran through our veins as we hurtled to earth at 120mph. Once the parachute opened, the views over the Lake District were spectacular.


A Spokesperson for the team told DGWGO “Every single one of us enjoyed the experience immensely and were astonished to have raised the incredible amount of £3,165.86 for Action for Children, Kelloholm.  Jill Wright, Manager at Kelloholm, thought we were CRAZY but she is highly delighted with the generosity of the Mid and Upper Nithsdale community.  The money raised will allow the centre to continue to offer a fantastic variety of services to families most in need.  Not only does it provide a safe place for them to be but it also provides highly skilled staff to do so.  It can intervene to stop neglect and abuse by working with the families to learn life skills and the value of a childhood.  They make life better for children with disabilities and advocate for change.  They are the voice for those that don’t have a loud enough one to shout for themselves.  Their moto says it all; By doing what’s right.  By doing what’s needed.  By doing what works.
Amanda Dunsmuir, Myra Kyle, John Blair, Shona Robertson, Carly Scott and Kayleigh Trimble


We are in the fortunate position to work with children on a daily basis; we get to help them learn, we get to see them to grow into the adults they want to be as well as supporting them with challenging times.  We do this with pride.  But, sadly, we also get to see the daily struggles, the physical and emotional challenges faced by some of our youngsters.  Charities like Action for Children are invaluable, without them some of our local families would be in a very different position.”

Peter Harrison, Grahame Arrowsmith, John Blair, Irene Kennedy, Shona Robertson, Aileen Marchant, Kavi Linh, Margaret Miller, Sam Barrick, Leah Belford, Roxy McCormack All completed the jump


We would like to thank all those who sponsored us once again.

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